Saturday, April 19, 2014


As I am still quite new in my work with the IATA, I am excited about some opportunities that lie ahead.  I am excited to hike more and more of the trail.  I am more excited about sharing my experiences in that journey.  Most importantly, I am excited about experiencing the trail with others.

Being a teacher, I am professionally dedicated to helping children grow academically, but I personally aim to help them grow socially and emotionally as people. I look forward to helping my experiences with hiking influence my perspective world. That perspective shapes how I teach, so to me, the trail is an opportunity.  An opportunity to shape the future.

Just yesterday, I had such an opportunity.  It also allowed me to continue to mascoting career now that my racing sausage days are behind me.  Working along side several other volunteers, I became Monty the Mammoth at the Wisconsin Outdoor Resource Fair, hosted by Betty Brinn Children's Museum in Milwaukee. I was involve with a skit that focused on "unplugging" children from the sometimes firm and dependent grip they have on technology and experience the wonders of a hike. This skit was especially important and pertinent to me as I have penned a picture book on that very same topic.  I loved performing for the children and hope they got out as much of the skit as I did.

The trail and the outdoors has so much to offer.  I hope we can all inspire others to take advantage!
My daughter liked the presentation much more than me hiding her as a 9-foot mammoth.

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