Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Ice Age Introduction

     Greetings fellow IATA members, hiking enthusiasts, and others who may have wandered onto this blog. :)

     In an effort to help promote the Ice Age Trail and the Alliance, I have created this blog and look forward to adding to it regularly with stories from my own personal adventures and experiences with the Ice Age Trail. I encourage you to check regularly and share this blog as a way of spreading the word about all the wonderful things this "hidden Wisconsin treasure" had to offer.

     Since I am hoping you become a regular visitor of this site, it wouldn't hurt to introduce myself.  I am a relatively new member of the Ice Age Trail Alliance (Waukesha-Milwaukee Chapter) and generally new to hiking.  Though my wife and I have always loved visiting state parks and other nature-themed places, the IAT has been a relatively new passion of ours. I am excited about trekking new segments and eventually joining the 1,000 Miler Club.  Until then, I will continue to enjoy and explore as many segments as I can while educating my friends, family, and students about the joys and benefits of the outdoors.

     Besides being a kindergarten teacher, retired racing sausage, and new father of a just-turned-one year old baby girl, I am also a prospective picture book author. Seeing all the great things the IAT has to offer has been an inspiration for some of my stories and maybe one day, I can turn these ideas and manuscripts into something special. I am also in the beginning stages of setting up a Saunters program through my school district, so that will be another way I will work to help support and sponsor hiking in Wisconsin.

     As you can see, I've already posted a few adventures from this year.  I look forward for many more to come.  Please join me on the ride and let's work together to promote the Ice Age Trail for all the wonderful things it is and will be!

Happy Trails!


P.S.- If you see someone carrying a beautiful red-headed baby girl on the trails, it just might be me.  Don't forget to say hi. :)

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