Friday, January 17, 2020

Timberwolf Trail - Week 19 - 2019-20 Edition

Well, we may have dodged it  to this point but rest assured, winter is here now. The ice glaze on our information board was a clue, but the amazing frosty and frigid fun was the true evidence.

When the snow blankets the ground, the snowshoes come around. We had the chance to teach our fourth grade buddies about the snowshoes before taking a trek around the trail. I even summoned my fourth grade brain and brought back some of the Native American lessons and information I used to teach in what seems like a lifetime ago.

Ice is fun, but slippery. Either way, we discussed it and brainstormed some potential ice art projects later in the season.

In our hunt for winter animal activity evidence, we found plenty of tracks and scat.

We also talked about the importance of  timing when eating snow. preferably, we keep our snow eating to as it falls from the sky. Practice makes progress.

Inside, we continued nature art projects that will eventually be part of our Earth Day Art Sale for Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Back in the great outdoors, we used newly created tracks signs to showcase some of the more likely signs we may find in and around our outdoor classroom and backyards.

We made our weekly visit to the compost bin and experimented with colored water. We are hoping to turn this colored water experiment into a very cool art project sooner than later.

Stay warm out there, but most importantly, get out there!

Friday, January 10, 2020

Timberwolf Trail - Week 18 - 2019-20 Edition

The first full week of 2020 provided lots of fun learning on the Timberwolf Trail. One of my school year resolutions was to be increase our tie outside, focusing on natural play.

One of the newest adventures is searching for antler sheds and digging up dinosaur bones AKA oak roots.

We also have started to dig deeper into the world of birds. One of our first activities was exploring various artifacts to conjure up thoughts and wonderings about our feathered friends.

We also started our very first recycle art project. This will be part of our future recycle sale for the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. Stay tuned!

After some more service work repairing trail tread with wood chips, we created some winter yoga poses and practiced them "rapid fire."



Snowball fight

Polar Bear

Hot Chocolate

More play was on the agenda.

One of our parents generously donated some time to continue our exploration of antler sheds. We watched a video,

explored a shed and other deer artifacts this family found, and

searched for our own sheds. We found plenty of sticks that looked like sheds, but no real sheds. . .yet.

We also. . .drumroll please. . . . . . .played!

We reviewed migration with two awesome picture books as well.

Our good friend and nature master Mr. Stokes joined us for a review of what animals do in winter,

We love his programs as they are entertaining, interactive, and informative.

If you don't know what these five cards represent, ask a nature kindergartener. 😀

We also dug deep into more amazing artifacts and reconnected with some animal friends.

Time for more yoga!

Snowy owl

Mrs. Claus (She's cooking)



We wrapped up the week with a wonderful walk around the trail to inventory our nesting boxes and platforms. Once spring returned, the students will adopt a  birdbox that will be responsible for in terms of observing and identifying what bird buddies nest on the trail.

While this got us excited for spring, the foot of snow expected over the weekend will kick us all back into winter. That's OK, we will get to snowshoe.

And play. 😁