Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Taking advantage of this sunny day, I decided to take my daughter to a segment I hadn't yet discovered: the Delafield segment. As far as I can remember, this is the first segment I have explored that is essentially paved the whole way. Being part of the Lake Country Recreational trial for the first two miles or so, I was able to enjoy some picturesque views of Pewaukee Lake and an absolutely gorgeous marshy area opposite the lake right off the trail. Though I am not a bird identifying expert, I saw what I believed to be at least eight different species in this quarter mile stretch and heard the brilliant chirps and songs of many others.

The trail then took us on a stroll through the quaint and quiet downtown area where we strolled past a variety of shops and businesses before stopping to read about historic Hawks Inn and crossing Main Street to head towards Cushing Park Road.

As the trail veered left on Cushing Park Road, we followed it under I-94 and up to the expansive and hilly terrain that marks the beginning of the Lapham Peak segment.  The viewpoint from this vantage point reminded me of a section of the IAT in the Devil's Lake area. After reaching this point, we turned around and rather then heading back along the trial on Main Street, we continued on Cushing Park Road and stopped at Cushing Memorial Park for a look at the monuments honoring our veterans, a lunch break, and of course, a  few minutes at the playground.

Before reconnecting with the where the trail combines with the recreational trail, we enjoyed a walk on the river boardwalk. A nice variety of waterfowl and even a nice painted turtle (who unfortunately was too quick for me before I snapped a picture) greeted us.  Overall, a beautiful day on the trail!


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