Saturday, December 13, 2014

Tyke Hike #7 - Winter Walk

The fog and chill of a mid-winter morning didn't derail 9 hikers from joining in on the final Tyke Hike of 2014. Trekking through a portion of the Plantation Path in the Homestead Hollow of Lapham Peak, we all braved the less than ideal elements to enjoy an hour out on the trail.

As I tell my kindergarten class, I can do snow, I can handle cold, but those wet and chilly days are my least favorite of all the weather Wisconsin brings us. That being said, the conditions were perfect for a Halloween-themed stroll.

The Tyke Hike was joined today by a local celebrity in terms of hiking.  Pat is a fellow member of the Waukesha/Milwaukee County Chapter and is an amazing volunteer in helping maintain the trails we all can enjoy. Besides being the maintenance maiden for Waukesha County's 40+ miles of trails, she organizes Monday Mudders (a group that volunteers in all conditions to work on the trail) and is a Blazin' Babe, one of the wonderful women who works to improve signage for hikers on the trail. It's always inspiring to hear her trail reports at our meetings. She also gives excellent outreach presentations to help support the cause of the trail and increase awareness of it and all that is outdoors. I was fortunate enough to see portion of her presentation as she presented to the 4th graders at the school where I teach. It was awesome to have her join on the hike today.

Well, the inaugural season of Tyke Hikes was a blast  I am looking forward to 2015 and all it brings. Information on the 2015 Tyke Hikes coming soon.