Monday, April 7, 2014


Who uses their personal day to go to Opening Day, sees a rather seasonal forecast, and sells his tickets to spend a day on the trails??? This guy. Those who know me have noticed that hiking has become a passion of mine in recent years, especially with my interest in the Ice Age Trail, a beautiful 1,000 mile trail exclusive to Wisconsin and filled with remnants and reminders of the last Ice Age. I joined the chapter that represents my local area and am working on hiking each of the segments in my area before branching out and eventually hike the whole thing. Besides a special First Day Hike on the 1st of January, today was my first day out on the trails.  I'll keep you posted as continue my hiking journeys.

Today's trek was a muddy one as I battled the winter thaw. I was able to hike the Hartland segment (both ways) for 15.14 miles in just under 4 hours with a quick stop in downtown Hartland for brunch in the park. The hike started following along the Bark River and taking a tour of the city parks before intersecting downtown and traveling right behind the library. The trail opened up into new housing developments and more march areas, highlighted by a special Ice Age March park with An Aldo Leopold outlook. Aldo Leopold was a naturalist I learned about with my students in my 4th grade days.  Though the animal sightings were slim pickings today compared to what the signage states appears in summer, I was entertained with a variety of ducks, geese, a pair or sandhill cranes, and chirping chipmunks and red squirrels.  After meandering through an "unblazed" and affluent Delafield subdivision, I finished off with a few mile scamp through woodlands and forests before reaching the end of the segment near I-94 in Delafield.  ("Unblazed" refers to portions of the trail where connecting routes through neighborhoods and county roads lack the signature yellow "blazes" or sign markers to help guide you.)

Looking forward to the next step in my journey, especially since my baby girl will most likely be with me. :)



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