Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day at Monches

Wisconsin's own palm tree


Beautiful signage thanks to the Blazin' Babes

One of my favorite parts. . . .ridge on one side, river on the other
It was an absolutely gorgeous day for hiking, so what better way to spend Mother's Day and my 33rd birthday than a hike on one of our favorite segments: Monches. There were many, many hikers  (lots of kids :) out on the trails today. Monches is always a great place for the dramatic variety of landforms as well as species of plants. Though the trees were just starting to bud, the trilliums and other wildflowers were out and much of the land was swarmed with lush, green undergrowth. No deer sightings today, but we saw a ton of birds from herons to woodpeckers and plenty of red squirrels. One part my wife and I especially enjoy is seeing how many downed trees and hollowed out stumps serve as homes to wildlife. This was our first full family hike with the new hiking carrier and the little one was enamored with the views, though picking and holding dandelions was probably her favorite part.

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