Sunday, May 20, 2018

Timberwolf Trail - Week 35 continued- 2017-18 Edition - Retzer Visit #7 - The Pond

Our Retzer Nature Center collaboration continued with a wonderful spring visit to examine different waterways.

With five stations and a goal of documenting all the creatures we encountered, we were set for a nature day.

Kicking off at the stream, we searched for several macroinvertebrates to assess the health of the stream.

Identifying such tiny creatures can be a bit tricky for kindergarteners, but they had a great time finding new friends, including scuds and water striders.

At the small pond, we hear birds and frogs before examining animals previously caught. We compared and contrasted toads and frogs, searched for snails, and used an infrared thermometer to find out all sorts of temperatures in the pond and on each other. :)

Next, at the insect station, we learned how to sweep for insects. Our sweeping worked as we caught ants, beetles, spiders, and many other creepy crawlers.

Our fourth stop brought us to the big pond. Here, the kids (and parents) had a great time getting dirty and catching creature. We had motes, leeches, dragonfly nymphs, fish, frogs, and plenty of tadpoles.

After a fifth and final storybook station, we ate lunch and enjoyed some playtime on the hill.

The it was back to the nature center for some indoor exploration.

We wrapped up the day with a beautiful view from the vista and some natural play.

We always enjoy our Retzer time and anticipate another great day of outdoor learning at our nature celebration in a few weeks.

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