Friday, June 10, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - The Last Week - Week 38 - 2015-16 Edition

The last days of the school year are always bittersweet, but this year was a little more bitter and a little more sweet. In this inaugural year of forest kindergarten, I have been absolutely blown away by what my students accomplished and by how much joy there was in simply enjoying nature. In this final week, we visited some of our favorite spots and I let the kids go. Go explore. Go climb. Go play. Go be a kid.

They obliged. They played games and explored. Without any directions, they created a "new" trail, found new ways to find and capture insects, had a bear calling contest and just enjoyed each other using the splendor of what nature offers us every day.

We climbed trees.
We used trees to do some gymnastic routines.
We swung from vines.
We found bugs.
We worked as a team to find more bugs under trees.
We went off trail.
We looked for bugs in new places.

We got smiles.
We got scared.
We got silly.
Nature-inspired student gift made for me, Mr. Doughnut. :)

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