Saturday, June 4, 2016

Prairie Planting Party

Planting time

With the students spending some time over the least few weeks collecting heavy sticks and rocks and tarping some areas as part of our prairie restoration. I felt compelled to reward them with a party on the final Friday of the school year. Of course, parties in our classroom revolve around nature.

Just kissing my guns :)

With the humidity climbing as the day moved along, we enjoyed quite the workout, but my class of nature-lovers did an amazing job planting. They then followed up their own planting by helping guide the other kindergarten in the classrooms. In the process, nearly one hundred plants are now spread out over a section of the land.


While the students reviewed parts of the plant, the needs of a plant, and other brain-stretching exercises, I had my own workout hand-tilling about 100 different holes for the kids to complete their planting. All worth it as now we have a higher diversity of plants on our land including lupine, indigo, coneflower, prairie smoke, compass plant and big bluestem grass.

We are all excited to see how this transforms our land. I'm also excited that next year's planing should be a lot easier since the tarp is already set up.

Restoring the prairie one class at a time

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