Friday, November 27, 2015

Timberwolf Trail - Week 13 - 2015-16 Edition

Winter has hit the Timber Trail! Nearly five inches of snow covered our outdoor learning environment over the weekend, but a little snow isn't going to stop forest kindergartners.

With it being  a short week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, we missed out on our full forest kindergarten day. Needing our outdoor fix, our daily hikes were very much anticipated. We even took the lead and led our fifth grade buddy class on a  tour of the land.

The freshly fallen snowfall did allow for observation of tracks, though local dog walkers and their canine companions did cover up some of the more wild tracks we were hoping to find. We did find some untouched areas covered in deer tracks.

And of course, as is usual for Wisconsin weather, we were thrown a curveball. By the second and final day of the week, nearly fifty degree weather had turned our spectacular snow into some slush and mud, though you didn't hear any complaints from my kids. We sloshed around one last time before the snow completely disappeared.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to help our feathered friends who stick out the long cold winter and decorate our evergreens with kid-made bird feeders. Of course, as always, only nature knows what other adventures we will enjoy.

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