Sunday, November 8, 2015

Grove of the Patriarchs

With just a few hours of hiking time left before the rental car was due back in the Emerald City, we decided to scan the park map and see what aroused our interest. It didn't take long before the trail  named the Grove of the Patriarchs stood out as the trail of choice.

Using the clues from the name of this trail to assume this was part of an old growth forest, I instantly wanted to check it out. I love trees, but I really love BIG trees. Oddly enough, as we arrived, one of the first thing that caught my eye was something quite small.I lovingly called it the Smurf Village, as it was a collection of tiny mushrooms.
Smurf Village
There were tons of old growth trees all around us. While a variety of species was intermingled throughout the trail, fallen trees along the path made for excellent pictures and observations.
This picture does no justice to the size of this tree.

Standing next to these giants really put into perspective the gravity of how important it is to preserve nature all around us. These trees have seen so much and they need to be preserved so that so many more can see them.

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