Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tyke Hike #12 - Monches

It's always a good time to trek on one of my favorite stretches of the Ice Age Trail: Monches. No matter how many times I hike it, I still find a new way to love it. Tonight, I hoped the latest Tyke Hike would inspire a new generation to love it just as much.

Sixteen Tyke Hikers searched for signs of wildlife on tonight;s walk in the woods. Though actual sightings of anything besides bugs and spiders was rare tonight, we saw and heard evidence with every step we took.

Besides the cackle of crows and the chirp of chipmunks, we searched through tree cavities and lifted a few fallen logs to discover a whole new world of life we would have otherwise missed. Emi from the Delafield Library read a story about how animals cope with storms. We even sang some silly songs and used a long fallen limb as a "nature chair."

Along the way, we reviewed Wisconsin wildlife and even learned a little history. Each time you hike, there is always a chance you'll meet new people, learn new things, and make a discovery.

Be ready to make your next discovery on Thursday, July 16th at 6PM when the Tyke Hike program ventures out of Waukesha County and finds its way to Pike Lake in Hartford.

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