Thursday, June 25, 2015

Out and About to Scout

As Embry and I scouted the route for the next Tyke Hike, which has a theme of Wisconsin's wildlife, I think we were both pleasantly surprised at how many wild friends joined us. Besides our usual array of chipmunks, squirrels, and songbirds, we met some new forest friends we don't regularly get a chance to see.

We saw a white-tailed deer.  though that isn't unusual, the fact that she was trailed by two fawns was a bit of a surprise. We caught a couple of toads, barely squashing them right on the trail. We even saw a fox scamper across the trail and hide among the fallen trees.

While finding animals was certainly fun, nothing excited Embry more than "bopping the blazes" along the trail. Embry was extra excited today as she would squeal "I see another one" every time that wonderful yellow rectangle came into view.

I hope more of our animal friends join us this evening at the northern Monches trailhead at 6PM.  Maybe you'll come too. . .

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