Thursday, May 10, 2018

Timberwolf Trail - Week 34 - 2017-18 Edition

Nature kindergarten is busy with a plethora of out of outdoor activities. As the year winds down, if we aren't doing any end of the year assessments chances are we are out and about on the trail. And we are doing quite a lot!

We are birding as part of the Natural Resources of Wisconsin's Great Wisconsin Birdathon. Observing, sharing, and predicting about our findings is a regular occurrence. Currently, we are at 22 species and counting.

We are also identifying and eradicating invasive species from our land, especially garlic mustard, In fact, our class is officially a team for the Southeaster Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium's Garlic Mustard Pull-a-thon. We've had a few pulls and a few scout hikes already and the kids are certainly excited about it

We've also started round two of outdoor stations. We are

investigating books about plants and flowers,

adding to and searching for resident of our newly-constructed insect hotels,

using dandelions, grass, leaves, mud and any other natural materials to nature paint,

using tree cookies to make a natural word wall,

and continuing our search for garlic mustard in our eradication station.

We might have played a bit as well.

And of course, we searched for (and found) ticks. What will we find next?

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