Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Timberwolf Trail - Week 33 - 2017-18 Edition

As spring sprung, so too did the nature kindergartners. We started working in designing and creating our insect hotels.

Slowly but surely, with lots of natural materials and donated bricks, flower pots, and PVC pipe, we worked to construct a home that would be appealing to our insect friends.

Over a two day period, we learned about insect hotels, chose a location, requested donated supplies, and built our first hotel. Now, we aim to build a second one in a different spot so we can compare and contrast between both places.

We also continued our Birdathon, adding three new birds to our list. We were also impressed when we saw a red-tailed hawk flyover with its latest catch. The concept of invasive species was introduced as we prepared for our a participation in a special Garlic Mustard Pullathon for the Southeastern Wisconsin Invasive Species Consortium. With spring arriving late, we haven't found anything yet but I'm sure it will be showing up soon.

Se continued our outdoor stations by creating letter pairs from natural materials,

nature journaling,

reading and researching about insects,

catching critters and investigating insects,

and wrapping up every session with a round of sharing and

of course, natural play.

We even fund a few new friends to join us in the outdoor learning fun. Luckily, we've learned about these friends all year and we are expert finders.

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