Friday, January 5, 2018

Timberwolf Trail - Week 17 - 2017-18 Edition

The new year is off to a frigid start, but nothing slows down nature kindergarten. Even with the subzero temperatures, we dabbled in a daily dose of nature.

A wonderful winter walk

Each day was  short dose, but a dose nonetheless. A dose may have been to check in on our dens and added food for our animal friends

Another dose was to look for different animal tracks.

Brushing the snow off the fallen tree

Of course, there were many doses of natural play and outdoor exploration.

We even had time to make our own blizzard.

With the temperatures feeling very Antarctic, we were motivated to dig deeper into the world of penguins. Using some fictional penguin stories to review story elements and some nonfiction resources to study features and researching skills. We also watched some penguin clips and practiced a new penguin poem.

We made mosaic penguins and created a penguin glacier above our lockers.

And of course, we took our penguin learning outside.

We practiced our waddle,

pretended to carry our eggs as penguin parents,

and perfected our penguin slide.

Penguin gliding and diving down the hill might have been our most exciting of the week, but with 2018 just beginning, there are plenty more nature adventures ahead.

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