Monday, January 1, 2018

A truly NEW Year

A new year brings new opportunity and a new outlook. For me, it also means a new Tales From the Trails.

This blog has transitioned from being a way to document my love of nature and share my natural experiences and has morphed into also sharing professional stories from my nature kindergarten career and volunteer experiences from the Ice Age Trail and the Retzer Nature Center, two of my homes away from home.

Well, the time has come for Tales From the Trails to morph even more.

Here's how.

Whether it be Tyke Hikes on the Ice Age Trail, weekly updates from my nature kindergarten classroom, or exploration excursions with family and friends, Tales From the Trails will continue to showcase these outdoor adventures.

However, it will also document the trails taken in my classroom as I continue to expand the nature kindergarten program I began a few years back. I will more specifically detail the resources we use, the activities we complete, and the results of our work with and within nature.

Additionally, it will also share more insight in journey to become a published picture book author. Just like a trail, this journey has twists and turns, ups and downs, and you occasionally get lost along the way.

Finally, a few of you may remember my original blog, Dadventures. In it, I shared stories from my childhood, stories from my classroom, and stories from fatherhood. Occasionally, I may throw a blast from the past entry from that blog on this one.

Here's to a happy and healthy 2018! I hope to see you here and out on the trails. :)

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