Sunday, October 22, 2017

Timberwolf Trail - Week 7 CONTINUED - 2017-18 Edition

With temperatures hovering around seventy degrees, lessons were altered and flexibility was encouraged as nature kindergarten spent a little extra time outdoors.

With beginning and ending sounds and labeling practice essential to our current stage of writing development, we went on a Listen & Look for Life hike at different points of our outdoor classroom, stopping to jot down words and add quick sketches. We stopped at the grass class,

the inside tree,

and the hidden forest.

Seeds hitchhiking

We even added a few "hitchhikers" along the way.

After sharing our finds (caterpillars, leaves, trees, birds, grasshoppers, worms, flowers, etc.), we went to natural play. Many students chose to take a closer look at their findings with the magnifiers from our nature backpacks.

We also added more laves to our ever-growing collection of leaves. This time, we added new leaves from a part of the trail we hadn't collected leaves before. The kids loved the new spot, joyfully commenting on the crunching collection of leaves that blanketed the ground.

Speaking of collection, we had our first visit from one of our favorite friends: Mr. Stokes. He brought an array of his nature collections that we gleefully enjoyed in a wonderfully entertaining and engaging presentation.

Sizing up shells
Baby painted turtle

Russian Tortoise

Snake on a skull

Turtle tower
Bull Snake & Python

It was a wonderful way to end an even more wonderful week of nature. What will this week bring?

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