Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Tyke Hike #38 - Monches

With Tyke Hike #37 essentially rained out, it had been some time before we got out and about for a Tyke Hike. Embry was raring to meet new friends on a beautiful Saturday morning. Unfortunately, with this being the only Saturday in April available for us, we had to compete against spring break vacations, family visits, and Easter egg hunts, Though all five hikers were technically already Tyke Hike experts (and volunteers), we still enjoyed a great time on a great segment of trail.

While our newest addition, two month old Oakley, had already been on Monches, this was her first official Tyke Hike. Getting all four family members out on the Ice Age Trail will certainly be a regular occurrence.

In the initial climb, we stopped at one of our favorite landmarks. No matter what season, we check hollowed out stump for nature friends. While nothing appeared today, I am sure we will check again next time.

What did appear was a variety of colorful and vivid wildflowers. This particular segment is known for a great diversity of flowers, so we will be checking in again soon to see what is blooming.

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