Saturday, April 22, 2017

Schoen Laufen Park

My family enjoyed a nice Friday afternoon stroll at a local park: Schoen Laufen Park in Germantown. While it was only my second time there, it was very noticeable of the changes made since my initial visit in the fall;. It looks like a very aggressive project looking to remove buckthorn and other invasive species is underway as the park was much more bare, yet much more native.

We enjoyed looking at a variety of plants poking through the newly mulched areas once dominated by buckthorn. Many young plans were peeking through, including may apples, bloodroot,  and trout lilies.

While investigating the trout lily shown above, a rustling sound through the leaves a few feet away caught my attention.

Within seconds, we went on a snake hunt for further investigation. The beautiful garter snake was caught, observed, and released.

And even more amazing was that as my wife and I chatted about hopefully looking into places to find owl, we found one. Well, sort of.

Anyone who knows me knows time in nature equates to discovery and play. Embry agreed, so she participated in some of her favorite natural play activities. She. . . .

found stump seats and completed stump jumps,

did a few rock hops,

climbed over some fallen limbs,

and added sticks to an already started stick structure.

However, she seemed to find most joy in another one of her passions, performing. We found a nice little "stage" and sat back as she ended our hike with a  song and dance routine, stick microphone and all.

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