Saturday, January 28, 2017

Tyke Hike #35 - Loew Lake

Winter returned after a few weeks of unusually (but appreciated) warm temperatures. Eleven bundled up adventurers set out on the beautiful Loew Lake Segment for natural exploration.

While we waited for more friends to arrive, a few tykes enjoyed sledding down the hill at the edge of the parking lot. But the real action took place on the trail.

Walking sticks in hand, the children led us through the pine forest and down to the frosty Oconomowoc River, bopping blazes along the way.

We stopped for some natural play at one of our favorite spots, affectionately named "the canoe tree." Though a bit too frigid today, we normally see people in kayaks and canoes on the river. However, even when we don't, we use a fallen down and hollowed put tree trunk on the edge of the river to enjoy the feel of a canoe while snapping a few cute pictures.

Of course, freshly fallen snow requires snow angels.

Our second natural play stop is a collection of fallen trees adjacent to the trail. Children always a get an adventure out of testing their limits on this wonderful area. The snow-capped limbs also added a new element of discovery.

Under adult guidance, a few children even used their walking sticks as fishing poles

One of my favorite spots of this segment is a patch of younger pines in the shadows of their towering relatives. Covered in snow, it made an even more picturesque scene, though my camera did not do it justice.

On the way back, we made sure to stop multiple times for "stump jumps."

Another wonderful morning of nature. Come join us at Pike Lake on February 25th.

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