Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Timberwolf Trail - Week 16 - 2016-17

It was amazing to get back to nature kindergarten, The cold streak and subsequent rain put a damper on our outdoor time, but it was back to normal today. It was also interesting this week. My student teacher took over, making me more of an observer. I am astounded at what I observed. Seeing the class use nature as their teacher today and be engaged and excited about everything that was planned was an awesome sight to see and experience,

We kicked off the morning with our Math Stick Champion counting game where a new stick champion was crowned.

Then, the kids took off in small groups to complete a winter scavenger hunt. They worked well together in all areas of the land and completed their list. In fact they went above and beyond.  From, scat to animal dens, animal stashes to nests, and even a bone, they searched and found many wonderful items of nature.

We did it!

After the scavenger hunt was successfully completed, we headed back in. With an icy and tricky trail, the students found innovative ways to avoid falling.

"Hard to fall if you crawl"

Can you see the word "Fly?


This week, the students are researching animals associated with colder weather. After specifically learning about penguins, the class was taken outside to waddle their way into protecting precious penguin eggs disguised as recess balls.

While kids waited their turn to waddle and decided to dig up the snow in search of nuts, grass, and anything else that could be found.

Winter is a  season for new experiences and learning opportunities. Cold, yes. Trickier, at times. Worth the work, definitely!

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