Monday, April 11, 2016

James Island County Park

Maybe it was punishment for missing church on Easter Sunday. Maybe it was poor timing. Maybe it was just dumb luck, Either way, the rains we endured on our holiday hike through James Island County Park in South Carolina made our trek wetter and wilder than expected.

Though we primarily stayed on the paved path, encountering an alligator warning sign so early in the journey definitely raised some eyebrows.

Paraphrasing Seinfeld here, "As the rain poured down on us, we thought to ourselves: there must be a better way!"

The girls didn't let the weather dampen their enthusiasm. They frolicked through the forest, climbing Spanish Moss covered trees and splashing in every puddle they could find. Embry's hikemate, Ruby, reiterated a saying I've had to tell my forest kindergartners on more than one occasion:

"You know what they say about water??? It will dry."  I also enjoy my favorite outdoor saying (though grammatically incorrect), "Dirt don't hurt!"

Though the rain seemed to strengthen as the hike continued, you wouldn't know it by the energy of the girls. They loved reconnecting with their Ice Age Trail roots as they attempted to bop every blaze they encountered. I thought Embry's head might explode when we  ran into a  triple "rainbow blaze."

And what is the best post-hike encounter when you are already soaking wet. . . a run through the park's fountain and splash pool of course. Just beware of the alligators!

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