Sunday, April 17, 2016

Play time!

I may be sore in places I didn't realize I even had, but the next step of forest kindergarten is coming along nicely.

This weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful spring weather and enjoyed some wonderful outdoor time with my daughter. Rather than hike our favorite Ice Age Trail segment or head to a nature center, we headed to my school to begin working on our natural play area.

Though moving logs and rocks was a bit exhausting, the time (along with blood and sweat) spent was well worth it as I am excited to share this new area to my students tomorrow.

Rocks and log-lined path back from trail to play area
Play time!

Branching off the regular trail, I created a rock and log-lined path that diverts into two circular play areas outlined by balancing logs. One area has a small collection of tree cookies in it while the other has longer building branches. From the second circle, a second segment of the rock and log-lined play leads back to the regular hiking trail. I am excited to see what the kids think of this area, but more importantly, excited to see them explore and create with it.

Cookies, anyone?
The second area has sticks like these.
Rocks connecting circular play areas
Rocks and log-lined path back to the trail
With some leftover cookies I thought might be a bit too tricky for building, I enhanced seating for one of our outdoor classrooms.

Enhanced outdoor seating options
Next up is to continue to enhance this area before moving my efforts to preparing some of the land from some native wildflower and prairire plant restoration with some traditional restoration techniques and some seed bombing.

Let the playing begin!

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