Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Hike It Baby

Taking kids outside = good. Meeting others who enjoy that same activity = great. Collaborating to help as many kids as possible fall in love with nature = amazing.

Through a mutual contact, I was exposed to a program similar to the Tyke Hikes I coordinate for the Ice Age Tail Alliance. Named Hike It Baby, this group is broken into local groups that organize many hikes in various locations. For example, just this week, the two local chapters from my are organized hikes at a local park, a nature center, a state park, an ecology center, and Lake Michigan. My family was fortunate to enjoy one of these hikes tonight at a beautiful nature center we had never been to before. As usual, Embry aimed to be the hike leader, though with this being a kid-led hike, she had competition.

Similar to Tyke Hikes, my favorite part is watching kids interact with nature. From sniffing wildflowers to finding animal holes, observing bees  to hugging trees, nature always offers more than you expect.

I look forward to getting more exposure and experience with this group and seeing how our paths can converge for the benefit of children.

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