Monday, August 24, 2015

Doggy and Toddler Approved

Waiting is always the hardest part.
One of my new favorite views

After thoroughly enjoying my first ever day working at the Mobile Skills Crew project at Lapham Peak. I felt rather guilty missing out on the last few days. So guilty in fact that I was compelled to visit there immediately after my first day back at school. Of course, I picked up my dog, Nugget,  and toddler to join me.
They loved it!

Wow. . . .just WOW!

Though I played a minuscule role in the development of the new trail, the pride I felt as I trotted over the 75 foot section I helped build was immense,. I look forward to reliving that fond day every time I take that path.
The section I worked on. :)

While partaking in the project, I learned many new things, including what a rock wall is, why it is needed, and how to make one. However that new knowledge was also battling with many questions, such as where do the rocks we dig up go? What happens to the old trail? How will the new completed trail look?
Old trail

More old trail

Well, the trek answered them all. The upgrade is incredible and gives such a whole new and exquisite experience of an already phenomenal park.

Though the new route doesn't go directly next to one of my favorite trees for Tyke Hikers to enjoy, it is only a short trot away. The new views and twists and turns more than make up for that slight disappointment.
One of my favorite Tyke Hike trees. . .only a short jaunt away

A reminder of why I love that tree

Embry certainly enjoyed the new trail. She transformed into a trailrunner and needed many reminders to slow down, especially around the dips and rock walls. She enjoyed bopping the new blazes (even the ones on posts not yet dug into the ground).
This blaze was too far out of reach to bop

This one wasn't

We were lucky to run into two groups of people. A pair of trailrunners who run the trail "frequently" and a young hiking couple who visits Lapham a  few times a year. Both sets of people had nothing but praise for the new route.
Not sure if these were placed strategically, but I love them and think they should have a name.

Just lovely

Though my experience was limited this time around, seeing the fruits of everyone else's labor motivates me to be an even better volunteer and representative of this beautiful trail and all it represents. Special thanks to all the volunteers who made this a tremendous success with a special shout out to my fellow Waukesha/Milwaukee County Chapter members. Kudos to you all!
Maybe a young replacement for the aforementioned tree???

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