Monday, March 19, 2018

Muddy March Madness on the IAT

The Dargatz Crew had to take advantage of the last weekend of winter to enjoy our favorite trail: the Ice Age Trail.

We kicked the weekend with a trip to our favorite segment so far: Monches. Embry took the lead and made sure to stop for plenty of natural play. Oakley enjoyed the ride.

On the second day of the weekend, we decided to try a new segment. It was a beautiful chunk of the West Bend Segment, but wow, was it muddy.

Embry has certainly become an avid hiker and while we have talked about how enjoyable the silence of a stroll through the woods can e and how it ca help us connect with nature even more, her gems of wisdom as we marched through the mud were too good to

As soon as we got out of the car at the trailhead parking lot, she went off trail reporting, "It's time to adventure!'"

After seeing and stepping through the slop, she said, "Mud is sure yucky. . .but its fun too!"

As we scaled various ups and down in very wet conditions, she encouraged us with "Hikers never quit."

And as we were headed back and going back through the hilly section, she moaned, "I like hiking, but not hills."

Of course, we bopped blazes along the way, took a breather at Cedar Creek Bridge, and stopped for some stick play.

With two daughters, it should be double the fun on the trail from here on out.

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