Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Zero degrees. . . Plenty of fun!

It's always interesting to gauge people's reactions around this time of year. For many people, the frigid temperatures that come along with winter in Wisconsin bring jeers rather than cheers. Many complain about what they consider a winter wasteland while I am trying my best to instill the love of this beautifully bitter time of year.

With other things, attitude is half the battle. The winter season brings with it many complaints and frustrations, so embracing it for all it can offer can be a battle in itself. For me any my kindergarteners, it is all about consistency. Daily outdoor time (even in less than zero degree weather) is essential. Building up endurance and tolerance for the cold is important but not as difficult to achieve if you are flexible.

For example, in nature kindergarten, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Being prepared with proper gear makes a world of difference. While we may adjust our schedule and have more limits on our outdoor time, we will go outside. There's just too much opportunity and fun to be ignored.

Don't believe me? Just see a sample of our activities below and be prepared to follow us in our winter adventures all season long.

Winter explorations

Winter climbing and winter den checks

Snow angels

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