Saturday, October 28, 2017

Timberwolf Trail - Week 8 - 2017-18 Edition

Throughout the month of October, the nature kindergartners have been collecting leaves and creating our own leaf pile with the understanding that all that collecting would lead to some leaf fun at our fall celebration.

Celebrating our last round of leaf collecting

After our celebration inside, we took to the trail on this chilly day. We went on a tour of the land stopping at various places to with some family guests joining us, we explore and play.

When we got to the rock pile, one group enjoyed the "rock hole" they have been excavating over the last few weeks, while another group explored a rogue plant that appeared to be growing right out of the rick pile Kids were wondering about how it got there and if it would last. They had great questions and ideas while I covertly listened in on their discussion.

Once in the hidden forest, the class discovered some new areas that were exposed with the recent downfall of leaves. A few boys also found a fallen bird feeder and a n old shepherd's crook and ingeniously found a new way to hand the fallen feeder.

Eventually, we made it to the leaf pile. After explaining the choices of "bombard" or "bury", the class decided to bury me with leaves as a way to celebrate their month-long collection.

I'm under there

Peek  a boo

With one project coming to a close, another one was starting. This week, we started our Wants & Needs unit, a unit that will include the creation and placement of mouse houses on the land. At this point, the class has differentiated between wants and needs and started to list what supplies they will be collecting to create their mouse house, They also started sketching what they think their mouse house will look like.

Once the class made a list, shared their list and potentially added to their list, it was time to start collecting. We headed out to the trail and gathered up materials. Lots of innovative ideas were generated and connected to the needs and wants of the mice that we hope inhabit our soon to be created houses.

"This nut will be a water dish."

"Berries are like candy for mice"
It will be fun to start creating our houses and placing them out on the land. I am also looking forward to placing our trail camera put there to catch our guests in action.

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