Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Tyke Hike #40 - Pike Lake

One of the goals of the Tyke Hike program is to get more and more people out and enjoying nature. However, while getting large amounts of hikers is fun and impressive, it can sometimes be overwhelming. Tonight's hike took more of a "quality over quantity" approach, but the seven hikers certainly enjoyed a beautiful day out in nature.

Enjoying a portion of the Ice Age Trail's Pike Lake Segment and the Black Forest Nature Trail loop, we battled somewhat ominous skies and some humidity for a wonderful walk in the woods. We caught some amphibian friends, spotted out and avoided the wild parsnip, and investigated a natural spring. .

Woodpecker watching

We looked for deer, climbed a marker tree, and observed a woodpecker

You can't not stop and play at this beauty

Of course, we stopped for natural play and even changed a few dirty diapers.

Investigating a natural spring

It was an excellent evening for letting nature entertain us and as usual, Mother Nature did not disappoint.

Natural Play around of one of Pike Lake's most impressive trees

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