Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tyke Hike #36 - Pike Lake

Unfortunately, I was unable to lead this Tyke Hike, but as the picture above shows, I had a wonderful reason to miss. Pretty soon, a new Tyke Hike co-leader will be hitting the trails.

A fellow volunteer and official Waukesha/Milwaukee County Chapter Secretary, Kevin, led the hike. By the way, he is also the unofficial chapter photographer, historian, organizational expert, and all around chapter liaison. Special thanks to him for providing the hike details and the photos.

After a week of record highs, Old Man Winter came back and brought chilly temperatures and blustery winds to Pike Lake. That didn't scare away fourteen hikers who came to trek to the tower.

The freshly fallen snow made for a picturesque winter scene. The trees also did a decent  job of protecting the hikers from the wind gusts.

The crew enjoyed a walk to the tower, though the wind and cold had most decide to avoid the climb. The group headed back from the tower ad enjoyed a new perspective of the trail. I am looking forward to resuming my Tyke Hike participation on Saturday, March 25th at Lapham Peak. Hopefully, I will see you there.

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