Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Timberwolf Trail - Week 18 - 2016-17 Edition

Before Mother Nature could wet us down with sleet slowly transforming into snow, my nature kindergartners created some treats for animals. Whether making peanut butter feeders, pretzel necklaces or gathering up some old snacks donated to our space, we enjoyed preparing a feast for our animal friends.

Once outside, it was a puzzle of trying to figure out where we could put our new food creations. Some tried to place them in a cozy and warm spot. Some wanted their food to be up high. Some were fine with putting their treats at ground level. Either way, by the time we check out this spot tomorrow, I'm sure much of the food will have been already enjoyed.

When we left this area to explore, the weather turned from "rain snow" to mini snowballs." We enjoyed catching the snowballs with our tongues and winter gear as we headed to our hidden forest.

When exploring the hidden forest, we stopped to search for evidence of animal activity. I also showed them the spot where I spotted an owl earlier this week. The class went searching for all sort of nature before natural play took over (though the two are essentially the same thing most of the time).

While investigating the kids and their play, I noticed lots of climbing, digging, and creative game play. One student was making "stick art" by drawing in the snow. Another student found
"slime" oozing from a tree.

I even saw that the tarp we laid down a few months back was still doing well and ready for future restoration.

But what happened at the end of our time outside was the most exciting. The kids shown below noticed me walking up to the are we call the grass class. They knew that this is where we were meeting to end our nature day. However, not wanting me to get there, they formed a student barrier.

When I asked them why, they said that if I couldn't get to the grass class, I couldn't blow the whistle and "we could stay outside forever."

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