Monday, December 5, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - Winter, here we come!

Our usual Monday plans don't include much nature time, but when I took a walk around our trail this morning, I knew the plans had to change. There's something about freshly fallen snow that is so peaceful.

After taking care of some of our usual beginning of the week routines, it was time to head outside. We took the long hike, stopping at puddles in our nice and cozy winter books along the way.

The excitement grew as students discovered we weren't the only ones on the trail. It was littered with tracks. Each student made sure to yell out every track they discovered along the way.

We took a nice calm stroll to our wooded area, the home of our mouse houses. As we had discussed the previous week, once the flakes started flying, we had to move on from the mouse houses.  Luckily, we remembered Lois Ehlert's book Snowballs, so the class already had plenty of new ideas for storing and placing food for our winter friends.

We cleaned up all of our mouse houses, but everyone was happy to start a new snowy adventure. Well, almost everybody.

Sad face ;(  I'm, going to miss our mouse houses.

My sadness about wrapping up our mouse house fun was quickly erased as I saw the joy that playing in the snow brought to the class.  We made snow angles, built snowman, came up with clever ways to "de-snow" the tree to make it easier to climb, and had a wonderful time enjoying our winter wonderland.

We also brainstormed new ways to leave food for our forest friends and even got a little snowshoe practice in. Winter, here we come!

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