Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - Week 8 - 2016-17 Edition

Today was a different type of day for the nature kindergartners. Today, they were not the student but instead the teacher. Our school collaborates with the Retzer Nature Center and part of that collaboration includes the Retzer Teaching Naturalists (RTN's) coming to our school and leading presentations. With that in mind, I invited the RTN's over to the site ahead of time to take a look at what our learning area offers.

While it took a little bit of practice for my very excited students to make sure the RTN's were with them as they traversed the land, they got the hang of being tour guides and shared the special areas of our site.  From the hidden forest to the rock pile, the cavity to the dead alive tree, and the inside tree to the grass class, the RTN's were in for quite a tour. The students also got to practice some tree and plant identification as well as enjoy some of our favorite nature chants, actions, and songs.

There's nothing like some natural play and discovery time after a nice tour, so off the kids went to explore. Some of their discoveries included millipedes, woolly bears, mullen, milkweed, and worms.

In the afternoon, to go along with our wants and need unit, the class selected a shoebox and went outside to collect natural items so we could turn these ordinary shoe boxes into "mouse houses" for the winter months. Many more details about this engaging project coming soon.

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