Thursday, September 15, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - Sticks

Sticks go a long way in nature kindergarten. Yesterday, we gathered sticks and reviewed the terms longer, shorter and equal. It was great to take something discussed within our regular classroom walls and see them transfer that understanding in a more tactile and refreshing way. We had so much fun with sticks, I had to take them out here again.

We went to the hidden forest and gathered sticks that were about the same height as us. Then, we used them as walking sticks as we meandered the trail to the natural play area to play this year's first ever stick championship. Similar to the math championship we hold inside, this is an engaging way to practice basic counting. As play began, one by one, student mathematicians were eliminated until one was left standing: our inaugural Stick Champion. To celebrate, many kids offered their stick for him to have (or at least hold for a silly picture).

I thought the stick shenanigans were done, but as we headed back and lined up, what did we find walking on the school door? A walking stick of course. This unexpected visitor turned into a mini-lesson and a more hands on experience then many of the children were expecting. The class of course named him Sticky and wished him well before releasing him in the grass and continuing our day.

I wonder if we will find Sticky again???  Either way, I know we will have a blast trying.

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