Monday, August 1, 2016

Yosemite National Park - Yosemite Valley

Yosemite was touted as a beautiful and popular place to visit and it delivered on both those promises. Battling triple digit temperatures and large, large crowds. we managed to see a good chunk of the park and still keep our sanity.

Our daughter was an amazing trooper on the long and sometimes winding car rides up and down the mountain. Though we are now two for two on having her lose a lunch in a rental car, she rebounded quickly and didn't let a little motion sickness ruin her exploring time.

She loved seeing El Capitan and Half Dome, though climbing on stumps and rocks along the trails was much more exciting. Her trek through the sequoia a forest and rock climbing at Glacier Point seemed to preferred.

Standing on her stump seat

Mule Deer who was not intimidated by humams in the least bit

Though she was a bit sad we wouldn't let her take a pine cone home, she is aware that "nature stays with nature" and made sure to remind us that at various points throughout the trip.

Embry in her "dinosaur track"

Enjoying a fallen giant
This fallen giant was hollow the whole way through.

While anytime in nature is a good time with me, getting up close and personal with giant sequoia trees was a highlight for me. Unfortunately, the highly-touted Mariposa Grove was closed this season. However, we weren't disappointed by the smaller grove we visited. Sitting in shadows of a fallen giant, walking through a dead stump, and just taking in the sights and spectacular smells made the long drives and sweaty treks worthwhile.

A very dirt-filled nature loving girl

Hanging with one of daddy's favorite naturalists

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