Sunday, July 10, 2016

Weekend Explorations

In my family, weekends in Wisconsin mean time outdoors.When we have the opportunity, exploring new territory is always preferred. We took advantage of a free weekend and headed out for new outdoor adventures.

Our first stop was at Buckhorn State Park.  While the mosquitoes made it miserable at times, we did enjoy the barrens, a unique and sandy landform connected directly to glaciation. We also worked through the pesty skeeters to do some geocaching provided by the park.

Though the hike was cut short, we did see some sandhill cranes emerge and take off before heading to the beach to make sandcastles.

The next day, we headed to the quaint Natural Bridges State Park. It was beautiful! As she usually did, Embry took the lead.

We were also able to take in the very popular Pewit's Nest natural area.  Though this watering hole has become a hot spot and unfortunately, it is sometimes a bit overcrowded and loud, the fellow visitors were pleasant and it seemed like most people were respectful of taking care of the land, unlike our last visit.

In our last day, we unplugged from the camera and spent even more time enjoying the outdoors with a hike through the Ronzos Meadows portion of the Ice Age Trail in Devil's Lake State Park. On our way back home, we did a drive through Aztalan State Park because a certain toddler was in sleepyville. I had never been there before, but will most definitely be making a return visit.

Just another wonderful Wisconsin weekend!

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