Sunday, December 20, 2015

A Man on a Mission

Nature is inspiring enough, but there 's always more than just the beauty of the outdoors that fuels my passion for exploration and education. In my journey as a nature enthusiast turned hike leader turned forest kindergarten teacher, I have been fortunate to meet many other people with a passion for the environment and a wealth of knowledge about various topics. Who knew that the one person who encompasses the greatest marriage of these two traits was someone I had known all along?

My good friend and college roommate, Joshua Mayer, is  on a  mission to visit all of Wisconsin;s amazing state natural areas, or SNA's? What are SNA's? Rather than me try to tell you, I encourage you to let him tell you himself.

Joshua Mayer's Story

How does he do it? He has an amazing drive, the gift of organization, and of course, his best resource, his amazing and supportive family. I feel honored to be his friend and an excited for his journey. Luckily, we can join him on his journey by following his blog to enjoy his incredible information and spectacular photography.

I highly recommend you learn about his journey and be inspired by his story to write one of your own. Enjoy Wisconsin! There's no place like home!

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