Friday, August 7, 2015

Tyke Hike #14 - Hartland

Over 30 hikers came out on a wonderfully pleasant summer evening to explore the trail along the Bark River and learn about Wisconsin's waterways. It's always fun to enjoy a hike with kids. This hike had a splendid mix of returning tykes and new ones. Based on the smiles and excitement, I certainly hope some of those new tykes graduate into returners.

As we started the hike, the kids and I discussed what a waterway is and the different kinds they already knew. Then, it was off to explore one. It was tricky at times, but we did manage to keep every child out of the drink. :)  The kids were excited to find deer trails, hear birds, and see the river. We even had an impromptu stop at a nurse log and chat about the important role it plays for new plants.

We continued our hike and enjoyed the views while discussing the importance of the waterways in Wisconsin through history. From the glacial impacts, the Fur Trade, and Wisconsin's statehood, water has been a main ingredient in the Badger State's successes and growth.

A special moment occurred when all of our tyke hikers were provided a little "trail magic," or unexpected hiking "pick-me-up," as a resident who lived on the trail offered juice boxes as we hiked by. You never know what you'll find on the trail.

Before you knew it,we had reached the bridge that served as our turnaround. Before we made that return, we took our group picture and enjoyed stories and Glacier Yoga with the librarian who has been joining our recent hikes.

The walk back was mainly keeping up with energized and excited children before distributing Ice Age Trail information and certificates for all the Tyke Hikers.

Another exciting Tyke Hike is in the books. Now on to the Waterville Prairie in September!

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