Friday, March 13, 2015

Saunters Summit 2015

With the weather turning and an amazing two days of planning for some summer hiking, June can't come fast enough!

Staff from the Ice Age Trail Alliance and Saunters teachers from throughout the state of Wisconsin met in Green Bay this week to communicate about and collaborate on their upcoming Saunters programs. Being a new Saunters teacher this year, I was looking forward to learning about what others have done and coming up with ideas of my own to help make the program I am helping coordinate the best it can be. My co-coordinator and I worked hard to fine-tune our program and get the next steps ready. It was a busy few days, but WOW, I feel like we are ready to hit the trails.

Teambuilding is important, especially after a long and productive day of planning. Our group was able to partake in a "Legends" Tour of historic Lambeau Field. Being a Packer fanatic, I was certainly giddy as I walked throughout the stadium, into the locker rooms, on the rooftops, and on the not so frozen tundra.

The second day of planning was just as productive and really gave us direction and a clear goal for what we have left to do to prepare for the week of hiking awaiting us in June.

My wife and daughter also came to Green Bay to take in some tourist time while I was working, but luckily for us all, we finished with enough time left over for us to visit one of my favorite places to explore as a child: Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. With a very interactive nature center and a variety of woodland animals, waterfowl, and birds of prey to view, we enjoyed walking the trails and visiting all of our forest friends.

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