Thursday, September 18, 2014

Homestead Hollow

Lapham Peak is an absolutely gorgeous state park. There are many different trails, a tower with an amazing view, and wildlife galore. I try and visit as much as possible. One of my favorite spots to enjoy, especially with having a toddler, is the paved and very stroller-friendly loop at Homestead Hollow. Whether I take the stroller along or have my baby girl waddle along, this is a short but scenic look at the park which takes guests through some meadows and forested areas.

Another reason for my frequent visit to the park is my monthly meeting for the Waukesha/Milwaukee County Chapter of the Ice Age Trail meeting. Tonight was no exception,. Being on daddy duty, we came early to take a stroll at Homestead Hollow. Though we didn't make it too far into the trail before turning back around, I am consistently enamored with how nature is so intriguing to my daughter. She loves to stop and smell the flowers, grab and feel the low branches, and hear the chirping of the birds and the bugs. Her reactions to new experiences is priceless, especially now that she is verbalizing constantly. Being close to sunset tonight, the views were spectacular and the trails were populated more than what I usually experience.The falling sun also helped illuminate the changing colors of the annual transition into autumn, quite possibly the best time of the year.

After our brief hike, it was time for our monthly meeting where many hiking and nature enthusiasts gather to find out the ins and outs of our chapter and the Ice Age Trail in general. Though she can be a handful, I believe my daughter has behaved quite well at the meetings she has had to attend. She really made her rounds tonight, greeting everyone (many times in some cases), taking laps around the room, and fidgeting with her newest toy, her name tag, as she was allowed to become an honorary member tonight.

I know she doesn't realize it now, but it truly melts my heart to see her in action, whether it be on the trails or in the meetings supporting the trails. I can only imagine what nature intends for us in the future.

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