Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cloudy Day Hiking

The gray skies couldn't keep my daughter and I away from the trails.  Today, we were lucky enough to be accompanied by a fellow teacher and her absolutely adorable baby girl.  Maybe my little lady has found a hiking buddy? :)

Though the trail was a bit sloppy and the mosquitoes extra hungry, the trek though Monches was still a wonderful way to avoid the gloom and doom of an overcast day and get back to nature.

I actually enjoy hiking on some of these type of cloudy days (minus the skeeters of course).  The sun isn't blinding, the sweat isn't dropping, and the sunscreen melting off your face doesn't sting the eyes.  There's a different smell, a different feel, and although the mud is dirty, who doesn't love slopping in the mud?

I look forward to more summer hikes on cloudy days and who knows, maybe my daughter and I will find even more hiking buddies to hit the trails.

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