Saturday, November 3, 2018

Tyke Hike #61 - Trek & Treat 2018 - Pike Lake

When I postponed last week's scheduled Trek & Treat Hike because of mid-thirties temperatures and rain, I hoped a new date would yield better weather results. It most certainly did, and approximately 150 Tyke Hikers came out to Pike Lake to enjoy it.

Even the ladybugs wanted to join the fun.

It was very exciting to see so many families and costumes out and about on the trail. Because of the large group, we trekked a nice slow pace, stopped at some treat stations, and scouted for some natural play.

We even stopped for an activity that seems to be becoming a tradition at our autumn tyke hikes: the burying of the Peter. :)

On our way back, we discovered how much fun going off trail could be with some natural play.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Tyke Hike: Black Friday, November 23rd at Lapham Peak State Park.


  1. Peter, our chapter is sponsoring an #OptOutside hike at Pike Lake on Black Friday, too. What time is your hike?

  2. The Black Friday hike is at Lapham Peak, not Pike Lake. It is scheduled for 10AM.