Sunday, August 27, 2017

Glacier Hills County Park - Hubertus

With tomorrow being the official start of my twelfth year of teaching, it was great to get out to the trails one more day with my family. We decided on visiting a new park, Glacier Hills County Park in Hubertus. Embry, a self-proclaimed "nature-ist" wasted not time finding her first wildlife, spotting three different insects in the grasses and shrubs next to our parking space.

We took a trail connected to the lot and started our new adventure. As usual, Embry took on her hike leader responsibilities and set the pace on this beautiful set of trails.

Early in the hike, encountered a bench with a special section that stored a notebook for visitors to record notes and observations from their visit. Embry made sure to write her name and put the "clue" back in the "mystery box." For a good chunk of the remainder of the hike, she searched for new clues.


 Along the way. our little "nature-ist" spotted many critters. From bugs to turkeys, woodpeckers to frogs, it is always a proud moment to see her notice and get excited about the natural world around her.  She is an especially talented snake spotter and a gorgeous garter snake in the grass. I was thankful the serpent was nice enough to stay still for a picture before slithering off at warp speed

After watching her newest reptile discovery slither out of sight, she lifted her spirits with some log jumping before heading into the pine forest. Here, an even more exciting adventure was waiting for us.

Anytime my family runs across a stick shelter, we are going to play with it and add to it. Today was no exception.

Needing a bit of a break, we came across a deserted cabin and a pump. Embry desperately wanted to try it out but she didn't quite have the strength. . .yet. The next time we visit this amazing park, I have a feeling she might be able to muster enough energy to get it going. I guess we will find out then.

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