Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - Week 13 - 2016-17

Snowshoeing is always an adventure. Add children and it gets more adventurous. Have it be 25 kindergartners and you've got more than adventure. . .you've got an undertaking. With temperatures dipping as the week went by, we moved nature day up to Monday.

Though practice with snowshoes had been completed both in and out of the classroom, Mother Nature was underestimated and the cold chill and blustery breezes made it more of an ordeal than an adventure. While it took longer than expected and tested our resiliency and patience, everyone eventually got shows strapped on and trekked on our trail.

Despite it not going according to plan, the children responded very positively and asked about snowshoeing again on Tuesday. Though it didn't fit into the schedule for the day, we decided to give it another go on Wednesday, with some adjustments. Practice makes progress. . .

With Monday's debacle behind us, we came up with a new plan. We got the snowshoes on inside and had a "trail of carpeting" to the snow to assure the snowshoe blades were not dulled or damaged. I think everyone appreciated the warm comfort of inside when strapping on snowshoes.

We stopped at the grass class to discuss the day's plans. With our mouse houses gone, we wanted to provide our forest friends some treats for the winter. With snacks abounding, we headed for the woods.

Popcorn, Raisins. Chocolate chips. carrots, Corn kernels.  Quite the feast for our animal friends.

Then it was off to the open field to do some snowshoe writing. We practiced writing letters using just our feet.





Of course, it made sense to have some natural play and exploration time along the way.

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