Friday, March 18, 2016

Timberwolf Trail - Week 27- 2015-16 Edition

70 degrees last week. Flurries over the weekend. Thunderstorms Tuesday. Extreme wind gusts Wednesday. Just another week in Wisconsin. Luckily for us, no kindergartners were blown away during forest day.

Heavy rains postponed our morning activities, so instead, we stayed inside and read more about dirt before investigating the soil samples we collected last week. The children were very interested in seeing how the soil from the garden differed from the forest floor samples.

With spring approaching (at least on the calendar), we decided to help our feathered friends by placing a feeder outside our classroom window. With varied bird seeds and suet, we enjoyed playing the watching and waiting game for our friendly neighborhood birds.

Just a few steps into the hike, I heard a scream up ahead. It was a happy scream as we discovered our first (of many) woolly bear caterpillars in 2016.

The wind gusts brought a great deal of excitement from the class (and maybe some extra silliness).

Wind was an impromptu focus of our outdoor time, though it made our reading and art project a bit trickier. The kids were blown away by the wind facts we learned. Get it. :)

In natural play time, two of my little adventurers described how the veins of a leaf reminded them of a map. Naturally, they each found their own "map" and followed the directions to a tee.

We were also able to explore and familiarize ourselves with some recently donated tree cookies. And, since some torrential rains kept us out in the morning, we were happy the wind came alive after lunch as it dramatically helped dry out our learning areas. We even enjoyed climbing our wood pile with Mrs. Wood. :)

With spring just around the corner, it is just about time to get into gardening mode. In other words, it's going to get dirty.

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