Saturday, February 27, 2016

Milwaukee River Segment

Sometimes, the best events originate from altered plans. While on our way to a different location, we came across some unexpected issue that forced us to change the plan. Luckily for us, a Ice Age Trail trailhead was just minutes away. Problem solved!

My family and I always enjoy trekking through trail that is new to us and this was our first excursion on the Milwaukee River Segment. Though a bit muddy and breezy, the sunlight made reminded us of the many hikes ahead of us.

Embry of course made a required stop to bop every blaze, though she changed walking sticks a few times along the way. She's developing great flexibility and innovation as she found a new use for the walking stick, bopping the blazes she can't quite reach.

She also made sure she was the leader, blaring "I want to be the hike leader" every time Mom or Dad stepped ahead. While her fearless attitude is appreciated, it did lead to a few extra stumbles and fumbles in the mud. That didn't stop her though. She still declared that "we're going the wrong way" when we decided to turn around. She hates turning around! She knows that means we are headed back to the car.

To help avoid any more falls in the mud on the return route, she commandeered a second stick for extra balance. She also entertained us with songs all the way back top the car, stopping of course to point out roots, rocks, and every single paw print she could find.

Though today's hike was bit slick and slippery, the sunshine and gorgeous views make a return trip a sure thing this hiking season.

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