Sunday, September 20, 2015


Growing up in a semi-large city, but having excellent access to a wonderful creek nurtured my love and admiration for urban nature. When I went to Milwaukee;'s Urban Ecology center a few weeks back and got wind of their special hiking event "HKE MKE,"  I knew it was something I wanted to do.

Today, Embry and I trekked over about two and a half miles in the heart of Milwaukee, though the sounds and sights of nature we experienced would make you think otherwise. Today may been the inaugural HKE MKE event, but as you an tell in these pictures, the amount of fun we had made sure it won't be our last.
Follow the piper!

Just lovely

Stopping to "write" in her journal

She let us sneak a peak before flying to the other side

Best bathouse ever

Adding her artistic flair to the mural under the North Avenue Bridge

We stopped all along the trail for more nature baseball

After a hike, chocolate milk is a must.

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