Thursday, July 9, 2015

Pike Lake Preview

With just a week left before the next Tyke Hike, it was time for Embry and I to do some scouting. And since this is the first Tyke Hike to leave the friendly confines of Waukesha County, we wanted to to make sure we had a nice route for all the potential new hikers.

We departed from the Powder Hill parking lot and set off to the forest. Before we arrived, we were mesmerized by the butterflies and dragonflies that inhabited the savanna-like habitat leading to the woods. Embry was especially entranced with the berries and flowers that decorated the trail.

Once we made it to the woods, we enjoyed the cooler temperatures and fresh feeling that nature provided. We saw lots of interesting tree growth, though it was cute that Embry whimpered every time she  saw a "tree fall down." The moist forest floor was the perfect conditions for moss, nurse logs, and a variety of fungi.

I usually try to keep my hikes to about a mile or so. It worked out beautifully that on this section of the trail a road intersected the trail at the half-mile mark. A wonderful turn around time. It's always fin seeing the same trail from a different perspective. It really makes it seems like a whole new trail.

On the way back. my little tyke had to "bop" every blaze along the way, a new and enjoyable hiking tradition. A proud moment of fatherhood occurred as we came across our starting point and saw our vehicle. Embry, connecting seeing the vehicle to leaving, yelled out, "MORE WOODS PLEASE!"  I was happy to oblige.

We continued on the Ice Age Trail on the opposite side of the lot before trekking off  of it and taking a nice summer stroll on one of our favorite trails, the Black Forest Nature Trail. We were delighted by the calls of birds, invited by the chorus of frogs, and excited by the fluttering insects along the way. Unfortunately, we also came across a very young raccoon who was "sleeping" on the trail. Embry and I made sure to tiptoe around it so we didn't disturb its sleep. 

I am looking forward to another excellent Tyke Hike in an absolutely wonderful  setting.  Until next week. . .

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